Jumaat, 26 Februari 2010

Sisters In Islam

Recently, i was so shocked by the news that Sisters In Islam also known as SIS had against the caning of three women who pledged guilty of zina. Before this, SIS already had a lame statement about they're against the caning of Kartika Sari Dewi, a woman found guilty on drinking alcohol. Though all the women willingly being taken by the Islamic Law, yet SIS insist to admint the sentence. SIS believes that the law discriminate women and against the human right.

Let me ask, what is Human Right? Do human have the right to offense the Creator? If all people talking about human rights, then we all don't need to have policemen, laws, authorities and we all don't need SIS because all the offenders have the rights to do what they are doing. Such as a robber cannot be punish as they have the right to rob other people! I just don't understand SIS wit their stupid idea, propaganda etcetec...

Frankily speaking, I don't agree and really don't like what SIS did. I asked myself, what do SIS want? And what I dislike most is SIS is using Islam as their identity which I call is very offensive.

Stop the whipping of Kartika...What is that all about? To SIS, do you really understand what are the consequences of stopping the whipping of the alcohol offence? Do you really want Kartika to get the punishment at akhirat?

Hatred is not a good word. But it is the best word to decribe my feeling towards SIS. I hate people using in the name of Islam, but in the same time against ISLAM LAW.

Such a stupid organization! Do SIS is a true Islamic organization.

Please peeps...Don't support SISTERS IN ISLAM as they don't support ISLAM itself!

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