Khamis, 18 Februari 2010

Poem of form 1

I still remember one poem when i was in form one. At that time my teacher, Miss Law always asked me to recite the poem. I mostly remember the last stanza of the poem...

"...Why should we suffer like this..."

He saw the dead crow
in the drain
near the post office

He saw an old man gasping for air
and a baby barely able to breath
in a crouded morning clinic


this land is so rich
why should we suffer like this

I believe many of you could remember this poem. An english poem from a malay poet. What a good poem for these day.

I do respect and 'salute' the writer because that poem is over his time. Global warming issue has been be the main reason of the poem though that time this issue was not the big deal.

Talking about global warming, me and my team mates are conducting a study and a study rearding global warming awareness among the student of my campus. I believe many of us here are aware of it. and many are just knowing what it is but not know how it is.

What is 2012? Does it has thing to do with the movie or a fact of the end of the day. Well friends, the end of the day (KIAMAT) should not be questioned. Matter of fact, our beloved Rasulullah said that KIAMAT is Allah business. Only Allah knows when and how it happens. We were only told about the signs of the day.

Why am i writing these in english? My english is so poor. (My teacher wrote her comment on my essay: POOR) Not to be sad. At least i try to improve my english by writing this not-so-called- article.

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