Jumaat, 26 Februari 2010

Really, SIS?

These are the Sister's In Islam objective that i've got from its webpage.


• To promote and develop a framework of women's rights in Islam, which takes into consideration women's experiences and realities;

• To eliminate injustice and discrimination against women by changing practices and values that regard women as inferior to men;

• To create public awareness, and reform laws and policies, on issues of equality, justice, freedom, dignity and democracy in Islam.

Our mission is to promote an awareness of the true principles of Islam, principles that enshrine the concept of equality between women and men, and to strive towards creating a society that upholds the Islamic principles of equality, justice, freedom and dignity within a democratic state.

Reference : http://www.sistersinislam.org.my/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=198&Itemid=164

Dunia nak kiamat!

Although me myself as a woman, that doesn't count for me to against all the Islamis Law including whipping for women who offend the law. Hello SIS! Please wake up. You are just standing for your own right, not human right. You are thinking about the present life not the afterlife.

Taken: http://www.malaysiawaves.com/2009/09/sisters-in-islam-should-mind-their-own.html
It is reported that Sisters in Islam (SIS) is planning to appeal the Kartika Sari sentence. This is despite Katika’s own plea for her to be left alone. Kartika herself is willing to go through her punishment and had refused to appeal. Why is SIS acting like a busybody and sticking their nose where it’s not needed?(“Kartika: Leave me alone, I'll face the music”)

I agree with the writer regarding this issue. Seems that SIS is supporting secularism. All I cant about Sisters In Islam is this organization is a hypocritical people who are thursting for cheap publisity as we "MENCAPUB"=stand for mencari publisiti

Status Sisters In Islam = REJECT

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