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CHM 510: Need To Know

Dear friends,
The important things you need to know about chromatography are:
  1. Definition
  2. Working principles
  3. Differences and comparisons
  4. Calculation
  5. Theory

  • separation method
  • based on partitioning behaviors
  • of components present of analytes
  • by the moving of mobile phase
  • through stationary phase

Definition (find on your own)
  1. chromatography
  2. theoretical plate
  3. rate theory of chromatography

 Calculation (find your own. I believe you already have them)
  1. retention time
  2. capacity factor @ retention factor
  3. dead time
  4. adjusted retention time
  5. selectivity factor
  6. resolution
  7. equilibrium constant
  8. theoretical plate
  9. van deemter equation
  10. kovats index

Comparisons/ Differences
  1. GC vs HPLC
  3. PACKED COLUMN vs CAPILLARY COLUMN (including types of capillary columns)
  4. CARRIER GAS (including Van Deemter Plot)

Working Principles
  1. Flame Ionization Detector (FID)
  2. Electron Capture Detector (ECD)
  3. Thermal Conductivity Detector (TCD)
  4. Schematic Diagram of general GC and HPLC

Write, draw, relate and understand

Good Luck, Friends

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